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Your Rural Relationship Guide

Having lived in rural America my whole life, I understand the unique dynamics rural living brings to relationships. And I’ve found that the stockmanship principle of good movement applies not only to our interactions with our livestock but also to interactions with our fellow humans. 

Good movement starts with us, and taking a holistic approach, focusing not only on improving communication skills but also on nurturing emotional and mental well-being, that’s when the real good stuff happens.  

Whether you’re navigating the highs and lows of marriage, family dynamics, or friendships in rural America, my goal is to help you express yourself authentically and understand others with compassion. 

So, here’s to embracing vulnerability, fostering understanding, and experiencing joy in relationships. 

Here’s to drawing good movement!

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a 3-month mastermind designed to help you expedite self-awareness, using the tool of the Enneagram, to help you become aware of and learn how to work with your God-given wiring so you can better navigate life and relationships.

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a 6-month group coaching program for emotionally tapped rural women who are ready to clearly and confidently communicate so they can eliminate overwhelm and experience joy in their relationships. 

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