I’m Terryn, but everybody calls me T and you can too.

I grew up on a small feed yard in Northeast Nebraska. I now live and work on a large ranch in the Sandhills with my favorite human and our three kids.

I believe the stockmanship principle of good movement applies no matter what species we’re interacting with. 

“good movement draws good movement”

Over the past several years, I’ve taken what I know about that principle, studied the Enneagram, read countless books on brain science, psychology, generational trauma, and communication, and used what I’ve learned to develope my “Good Movement” coaching and trainings to help fellow farmers, ranchers, and rural folk improve communication and grow relationally.  

Currently I’m working on

The Good Movement Collective.

The doors are now open on the inaugural cohort of the Good Movement Collective – a 6-month virtual group coaching program for emotionally tapped rural women who are ready to clearly and confidently communicate so they can eliminate overwhelm and experience joy in their relationships.

But the Good Movement Collective is more than a coaching program . . .

It’s a supportive community of rural women, who’ve started down the road of self-awareness, coming together to grow relationally through deepened awareness, understanding, and effective communication, led by an experienced coach who understands the unique challenges rural women face in their relationships.  

The Good Movement Collective is a safe space for you to explore patterns, break cycles, learn, and grow.

good Movement draws good Movement

My Favorite Things

02. Our Kids

and their love for ranching

04. Guy + Paisley

My Roan Gelding named after the sparkly troll “Guy Diamond” from the trolls movie + the prettiest little red mare around

06. The Sandhills

As my friend Jena says They are “Nebraska’s Best Kept Secret”

01. Tom

my husband and favorite human

03. Binx

Binx (AKA “Hammy”) my most loyal stockdog

05. Big Shades

if they don’t fulle cover my eyes, they’re not worth it
other stuff about me…

I like my shades big and my hills sandy.

I’ve also never met a pun I didn’t like.

I’m louder and sillier than most people assume.

I’ve been in the online space in some way, shape, or form for more than a decade now. But it wasn’t until the last couple of years that I really felt aligned in what I’m doing here on the inter webs.

And I feel like I’ve finally (after a lot of feet dragging) stepped into His calling on my life and I couldn’t be happier you’re here.

Let’s go draw good movement!