An Unpopular Opinion – I Don’t Find the Humor Worth the Harm [episode 20]

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Hold on to your hats friends, because I’m about to share a very unpopular opinion with you today! Something I see often on social media are memes, reels, and TikToks joking about the communication breakdown that happens with those working in the ag space. While I’m definitely not someone who lacks a sense of humor (I do love me a good Dad joke), this kind of humor regarding rural America is NOT funny to me. This isn’t unique to rural America of course, but we do have a unique set of challenges in this space – we aren’t supposed to show emotion, and heaven forbid, we actually feel any. It’s safe to say…I don’t find the humor worth the harm here.

The way we’re currently doing things in rural America is not only hurting our relationships, but our mental health too, and it’s only going to continue if something doesn’t change. In today’s episode, I share more about focusing on self-awareness and using the Enneagram as a supportive tool to do so, why we need to start ‘filling in the blanks’ with honest questions vs. fictional stories we create in our heads, and the framework that connects self-awareness, social awareness, and communication.

It’s important to understand that not everyone views the world the same way you do (I quickly learned this lesson after starting on my Good Movement journey). I won’t say that the principles of good movement are easy, but when we take steps to better understand both self and social awareness, and their powerful connection to communication, I believe we CAN positively improve our work, communities, and relationships in the ag sector. If you’re someone who resonates with making necessary changes and drawing good movement in rural America too, make sure to join the waitlist for the Good Movement Collective (linked below) so we can do this together!

In this episode, An Unpopular Opinion – I Don’t Find the Humor Worth the Harm, we cover:

  • Working to improve the communication breakdown that typically happens in the agricultural sector, instead of making jokes and celebrating it online
  • Focusing on self-awareness and how our actions affect others + using the Enneagram as a tool to do so
  • How social awareness comes into play when we start observing other people’s behaviors + the connection with communication breakdown
  • Choosing to ‘fill in the blanks’ with honest questions, instead of creating fictional stories and scenarios in our heads

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In stockmanship (the art and science of handling cattle in a safe, effective, low-stress manner), we have this phrase . . . good movement draws good movement. 

It’s this thing that happens when we ask a small group of cattle, maybe a cow, or a pair to move out in a certain direction and their movement draws the whole herd into moving in the same direction.

Good movement happens when we approach the cattle with a positive attitude, read and really listen to what they’re telling us, and communicate accordingly. 

We don’t approach the aware, flighty cattle the same as we do the tame, docile cattle. We adjust ourselves, our energy, and approach, and communicate with each differently.

These adjustments help us effectively draw good movement from each, which then draws good movement from the herd. But it starts with us.

The same is true for humans. Good movement starts with us.

Welcome to Good Movement Draws Good Movement, the podcast where farmers, ranchers, and rural folks can grow relationally through awareness, understanding, and effective communication.

Hey, it’s me – T. I’m your host, and I, along with my guests, will be covering topics related to drawing good movement – things like self and social awareness, brain science, positive psychology, extending grace, and so much more. 

We’ll share tools that can help you understand why you are the way you are, why others are the way they are, and how you can use that to step out of self-told lies with grace and compassion to draw good movement in conversations, relationships, and life in rural America. 

Tune in every Tuesday and make sure to hit subscribe so you never miss an episode! Let’s go draw good movement!

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