Practical Tips for Rural Moms Managing Work and Family with Dawn Kress [episode 21]

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I’m very excited to have another special guest, Dawn Kress, on the podcast today!

Dawn is a farm wife and mama living her best life in the heart of the Midwest. She grew up on a dairy farm in Iowa, and she’s always had a strong connection to agriculture. Dawn calls herself a ‘corporate dropout’, because after receiving a startling cancer diagnosis several years ago, she felt a pull to leave her corporate career, and do something completely different. She knew she needed something that truly lit her soul up and brought her joy, which is exactly what being on the farm did. As a result, Dawn created her business, Dawn Marie Co. As a women’s wellness mentor, she supports her clients with finding a healthy and empowered lifestyle that not only flows well with their everyday life, but is something they fall in love with, too.

We talk about the powerful self-awareness journey that resulted from Dawn’s wakeup call with thyroid cancer, simple tools Dawn uses to support her clients with finding fulfillment while getting to know themselves on a (much) deeper level, the ripple effect that tends to occur for you and your loved ones as you’re pursuing good movement in your life, and more. Something that I was super intrigued about was the family ‘chore areas’ Dawn has successfully implemented in her household too – especially since it’s something that can work for you and your family, no matter your season of life!

Dawn is helping to shine a light and guide others who are craving a much-needed change in their lives – they just need a little extra support as they begin looking within themselves. She shared SO many practical tips for rural moms managing work and family in this episode, and I know it will provide the encouragement you’re needing, no matter where you are on your motherhood journey! 

Dawn Marie is a farm wife and farm mama of 3 girls, living her best life in the Midwest of rural Iowa. Dawn is a holistic lifestyle mentor & podcast host of Harvesting Her Way, helping women live their most authentic selves for themselves & for their families. Utilizing your cycle and unique human design, she will walk you through ways to connect with your inner desires in life, and how to lean into action of living your purpose.

In this episode, Practical Tips for Rural Moms Managing Work and Family with Dawn Kress, we cover:

  • How the communication piece of the good movement principle brings everyone onto a level playing field
  • Dawn’s wake-up call with her cancer diagnosis, and the powerful self-awareness journey that resulted from that
  • Simple tools Dawn uses to help her clients get curious, learn more about themselves, and find true fulfillment along the way
  • The ripple effect from pursuing authenticity and good movement that not only positively impacts yourself, but those around you as well
  • Implementing family ‘chore areas’ in your household + using systems that actually work for you and your family (no matter the season of life you’re in)

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More about the Good Movement Draws Good Movement podcast:

In stockmanship (the art and science of handling cattle in a safe, effective, low-stress manner), we have this phrase . . . good movement draws good movement. 

It’s this thing that happens when we ask a small group of cattle, maybe a cow, or a pair to move out in a certain direction and their movement draws the whole herd into moving in the same direction.

Good movement happens when we approach the cattle with a positive attitude, read and really listen to what they’re telling us, and communicate accordingly. 

We don’t approach the aware, flighty cattle the same as we do the tame, docile cattle. We adjust ourselves, our energy, and approach, and communicate with each differently.

These adjustments help us effectively draw good movement from each, which then draws good movement from the herd. But it starts with us.

The same is true for humans. Good movement starts with us.

Welcome to Good Movement Draws Good Movement, the podcast where farmers, ranchers, and rural folks can grow relationally through awareness, understanding, and effective communication.

Hey, it’s me – T. I’m your host, and I, along with my guests, will be covering topics related to drawing good movement – things like self and social awareness, brain science, positive psychology, extending grace, and so much more. 

We’ll share tools that can help you understand why you are the way you are, why others are the way they are, and how you can use that to step out of self-told lies with grace and compassion to draw good movement in conversations, relationships, and life in rural America. 

Tune in every Tuesday and make sure to hit subscribe so you never miss an episode! Let’s go draw good movement!

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