How to Get Others to Do the Personal Growth Work with Tom [episode 24]

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Everyone’s favorite guest (yep..my husband, Tom), is back for another episode! We’re talking about something I’ve gotten quite a few questions about, which is about how to get other people to do the personal growth work. The short answer is…there isn’t a certain way to ‘make’ people to do the inner work. There’s definitely more to it, and Tom and I experienced this in our own relationship. When I was on my personal growth journey, he wasn’t ready to commit to learning more about himself and digging into his emotions, habits, etc. Over time though, he noticed what I was doing, how it was positively impacting me, and eventually, got on board too.

In today’s episode, we share about how to get others to do the personal growth work, and why you really can’t get attached to the results (no matter what they decide to do). We’re talking about the equilibrium dynamic in relationships and why people really do learn from watching what you’re doing, how the personal growth you’re doing will not only improve yourself, but also the relationships with your kids, breaking generational cycles, using the Enneagram to bring more awareness to your emotions, and more.

The moral of the story – you can’t tell anyone how they should be living their life, unless they have an open mind and are actually willing to do something different. However…when you stay the course and continue showing what it looks like to pursue personal growth in your own life, other people WILL take notice. When they’re ready, you can be there to support and cheer them on as they tackle the personal growth work in their life, too!

In this episode, How to Get Others to Do the Personal Growth Work with Tom, we cover:

  • Understanding you can’t really ‘make’ others do the personal growth, and you can’t get attached to the outcome (no matter what they end up doing)
  • The equilibrium in relationships + why people really do learn through imitation
  • How working on yourself can improve relationships with your kids + truly break generational cycles
  • How the Enneagram can be a powerful tool to educate and bring awareness to your emotions
  • Finding a therapist and/or someone who understands your particular struggles, lifestyle, etc.

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It’s this thing that happens when we ask a small group of cattle, maybe a cow, or a pair to move out in a certain direction and their movement draws the whole herd into moving in the same direction.

Good movement happens when we approach the cattle with a positive attitude, read and really listen to what they’re telling us, and communicate accordingly. 

We don’t approach the aware, flighty cattle the same as we do the tame, docile cattle. We adjust ourselves, our energy, and approach, and communicate with each differently.

These adjustments help us effectively draw good movement from each, which then draws good movement from the herd. But it starts with us.

The same is true for humans. Good movement starts with us.

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