An Update on Life and Our Cows [episode 37]

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This episode is a bit of a ‘proof of life’ one from Tom and I! Really though, we’re excited to give you a little update on how our cows are doing + other life happenings. This time of year is crazy busy for Tom and I as we’re deep into work on the ranch with calving season, branding cows, and a variety of other things going on for our family.

In today’s episode, we share an update on life and our cows. Besides the work we’re doing on the ranch front, Tom and I have had other fun events we’ve gotten to experience recently. From volunteering and attending my first Cattlemen’s Ball of Nebraska (I even got to emcee one of the nights), to speaking about good movement at a local women’s conference in Nebraska (where my kids were able to tag along too) and more, our family has been all over the place recently!   

While this time of year brings an entirely new level of exhaustion (in more ways than one), it’s not terrible, and it also doesn’t last forever. We’re very family-oriented and grateful to still be together much of the time with everything going on. If you’re in a similar busy season, try to take it one day at a time; make sure you’re effectively communicating with those around you, and of course, don’t forget to draw good movement!

In this episode, An Update on Life and Our Cows, we cover:

  • The improvements we’re seeing with our cows during branding season and what seems to be working well for them
  • My first experience with volunteering and attending the Cattlemen’s Ball of Nebraska + other fun events I’ve enjoyed being a part of recently
  • All of the extra ‘stuff’ happening this time of year with ranching + conditions that can positively and negatively affect all of it
  • The validation piece that really comes into play with both cows and humans

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In stockmanship (the art and science of handling cattle in a safe, effective, low-stress manner), we have this phrase . . . good movement draws good movement. 

It’s this thing that happens when we ask a small group of cattle, maybe a cow, or a pair to move out in a certain direction and their movement draws the whole herd into moving in the same direction.

Good movement happens when we approach the cattle with a positive attitude, read and really listen to what they’re telling us, and communicate accordingly. 

We don’t approach the aware, flighty cattle the same as we do the tame, docile cattle. We adjust ourselves, our energy, and approach, and communicate with each differently.

These adjustments help us effectively draw good movement from each, which then draws good movement from the herd. But it starts with us.

The same is true for humans. Good movement starts with us.

Welcome to Good Movement Draws Good Movement, the podcast where farmers, ranchers, and rural folks can grow relationally through awareness, understanding, and effective communication.

Hey, it’s me – T. I’m your host, and I, along with my guests, will be covering topics related to drawing good movement – things like self and social awareness, brain science, positive psychology, extending grace, and so much more. 

We’ll share tools that can help you understand why you are the way you are, why others are the way they are, and how you can use that to step out of self-told lies with grace and compassion to draw good movement in conversations, relationships, and life in rural America. 

Tune in every Tuesday and make sure to hit subscribe so you never miss an episode! Let’s go draw good movement!

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